The website for Soccer Referees in Michigan

Why a new registration system?
Because we fou​nd a way to merge Registration, Risk Management and Online Testing into one system that is offered by GameOfficials.net. We evaluated this system, talked to other state organizations that currently use it, and decided to go with it.
​- This system will only show complete and more accurate information on classes only on the GameOfficials.net website. to get to the website click Class Registrations on the menu above.
- Instructors will be able to see your registration online without having to wait for that information at a later date
​- Instead of having 3 userids and passwords, now you will have only one userid and password to handle Registration, Risk Management and Online Testing.
​- The probab​ility of not receiving a referee card will be reduced because the causes for those delays have been eliminated
- To switch to a different class you can just cancel the current registration and register for a new one and your funds will be automatically transferred to the new class
- The refund process will be smoother and faster

#1 Registration Questions
Please review the information below. If your question is not answered contact michSRA@comcast.net 

#2 Switching Classes
Cancel the current class and register for a new one. Your payment will be transferred to the new class.

#4 Risk Management (background check)
If you are 18 or older next January 1st, you must bring proof of Risk Management compliance to class. You will not get a badge in class without proof of RM. Every year, as part of your registration process, you will be automatically asked to obtain your Risk Management and cannot complete your registration without obtaining one.


#8 Late Registration (day of class and after)
If you come to class without being registered, if you wish you will still be able to attend the class but will not receive a badge. When you go home you need to register for the class, go through the Risk Management process and complete the online test. Once all is completed, you need to contact the michSRA@comcast.net explain your situation and ask for a badge.

#9 November Email From US Soccer
In October/November referees receive an email from US Soccer asking you to go to https://www.ussoccer.info/ to register for a Recertification class. HOWEVER, before you register, please make sure you check www.MichiganReferee.org for important class registration information specific to Michigan. If you do not see a class that you can attend, just WAIT UNTIL ONE IS AVAILABLE. Classes are posted at least a month in advance of the scheduled date. Check this website weekly.

#10 Payment by Check
Handling Registrations paid by checks requires much more manual work and we need to keep it to a minimum. However, we understand that some of you may not want to pay by credit card, if so, here is the process:
1. If you already have a GameOfficial Userid and Password, then go to step3. If you have forgotten your Username and Password the screen on step 3 will allow you to reset your password. In no case you should create a new Username and Passord if you already have one.
2. to create a new account with GameOfficials including username and password, go to Class Registration and choose to Login first.
3. continue 
4. show the screen with all your information 
5. Find the clinic that you wish to attend and click it to show the details 
6. At this point, do not continue the registration, just Print a hardcopy of the Registration screen using your browser File>Print feature
7. Write a check or Money Order for $60 for Entry or Grade-8 class, or $55 for a Recertification class to the order of "Michigan Referee Committee" 
8. Scan the 2 documents and email them to Registrar@MichiganReferee.org; in this case you will be pre-registered immediately and will receive a confirmation email within two days; print it a bring it to class.
If you cannot scan the documents, please send an email to the Registrar saying that you have mailed the forms and checks; in this case you will receive a confirmation a week your envelope is received.
    Mail the hardcopy and the check to: 
    Carlos Folino - SRA
    14210 Kerner
     Sterling Heights, MI 48313

if you do not receive a confirmation within a week, contact the SRA immediately.

#11 State clinic for grade 8 and 7
If you are upgrading to a 7 or to a 6 you have been directed by the State Director of Assessments to attend the State clinic. 

#12 Verification of registration in a class
Login GameOfficials by going to Class Registration tab
​once in GameOfficials, click Courses
then click ​Confirmed Registrations
The screen that follows will show you the details of the class that you have registered for. Print the screen and bring it to the class. That will be your Payment confirmation and Class Registration proof.


Frequently Asked Questions