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First Time Registration
The first time that you register, you will register for an Entry class; after successful completion of this class, you will be a Grade 9 referee.

Most Grade 9 classes are offered in January through March and are posted on this website in November-December. 

Some Grade 9 classes are also offered from June through August and are posted in May-June. Classes will also be offered in November through March.

Note that the cost of the class is $60 and the minimum age for attending is 11 years of age.​​

To see a list of available Grade 9 classes, go to the Class Registration tab then click "To see a list..." then click Entry Grade 9. You will see a list of Entry classes sorted by date.
​Look for a class that is convenient for you and click the blue class number.
​Once you are sure that this is the class that you want, click To register for this course, please Login Here
and follow the instructions.
For a walkthrough the complete registration process, go to the Class Registration tab then click the link "To see a Registration Walkthrough..."