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                                                        Assignor Certification & Recertification Classes

John Corbett
                                                                     State Director of Assignors

Most leagues and tournaments in Michigan require their referee assignor(s) to be USSF certified for 2016.

Register for Assignor Certification and Recertification classes at: https://michiganrefs.gameofficials.net/public/default.cfm

The certification fee is $25.00. The re-certification fee is $20.00. Your registration (class choice + payment) must be completed on-line prior to the class date.

​The class time for new assignors is 4 hours; and for recertifying assignors, 1.5 hours. 3.5 class hours are specific to the new assignors. Recertifying assignors join the new assignors for the last 1.5 hours. The overlap links what is taught to how it is implemented, networking and managing outcomes.


 2-07-16 Grand Rapids 1-3:30pm certification class; 3:30-5pm recertification.
 2-14-16 Saginaw 1-3:30pm certification class; 3:30-5pm recertification.
 2-21-16 Canton 1-3:30pm certification class; 3:30-5pm recertification.


2016 Assignor Certification and 2016 Assignor Recertification power points contain the information and points of emphasis for this year.

​Each power point will be accessible after 2-21-16 via its link below.

                                    2016 Assignor Certification                            2016 Assignor Recertification

​Recertification of a current Assignor:

Your information is already in Game Officials. Go to https://michiganrefs.gameofficials.net

Enter your username and password. (If you do not remember this information, contact Carlos Folino michsra@comcast.net and he'll send your username and reset your password.)

Once you log in, use the "CHANGE IDENTITY" link at the top to move to group #1303, Registration and Learning System Identities. Click "switch" on the assignor line. Then go to the menu on the left, and click on "COURSES" near the bottom. Then click on "Assignor Courses". When class offerings are confirmed, they will appear. Pick your class time/date/location and follow the prompts to register. PRINT YOUR REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION.

GAME OFFICIALS registration includes verification of a current risk management number in your credentials. If GAME OFFICIALS does not show a current one for you, the system will guide you through the risk management process. The fee is $5/year. If you do not receive a risk management clearance (a problem exists), your registration is incomplete. Contact John Corbett SDAmichigan@gmail.com if this occurs. Do not wait until the last moment.

Certification of a USSF referee as an Assignor:

​If you are a new Assignor and currently a USSF-certified referee, assessor or instructor, your information is already in Game Officials.

​Follow the instructions for recertifying assignors in the section above.

​Certification as an Assignor (without any USSF certification):

- Go to https://michiganrefs.gameofficials.net/
- Click on NEW USER? link on the left
- Click on I have NEVER BEEN registered

​Follow the prompts to create a new USSF/GameOfficials identity. Then go to the Assignor link on the left and register for an ASSIGNOR CERTIFICATION CLASS.

​A mandatory part of registration is for Game Officials to determine if your risk management is current. (Risk Management is a criminal background check for individuals 18 years of age and older.) If required & not current, your registration must include a risk management check. The cost is $5/year and included in your cost of registration. If you can't complete your registration due to a problem with risk management, contact John Corbett (SDAmichigan@gmail.com).

If you have any questions about the certification/recertification procedures, contact:

                                                               John Corbett, State Director of Assignors