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1. Entry Grade 9 - Entry class to become a new referee with a grade 9; must be 11 years old
2. Bridge Grade 8 - to upgrade from grade 9 to 8; must be 14 years old
3. Recertification - yearly recertification for grades 9, 8, and 7​​
4. State Recertification - yearly recertification for grades 6 and 5 or to upgrade to grades 7, 6 or 5​​.
See Info > Type of Classes for more details
​Referees must take a Recertification class every year. Grade 9 Referees 14 and older may either take either a Recertification class or a Bridge Grade 8 class (recommended) to upgrade to grade 8. Go to Info > Timing of Classes to have an idea of when classes are offered.
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Congratulations to the following referees that represented Michigan at the US Youth National Championship Tournament on July 22 - 26, 2014 in Georgetown, Maryland.
         Nick Balcer                           Brandon Barlog                      Duncan Purvis                        Justin Tatsak
Congratulations to the Bradley Barlog that represented Michigan at the National Presidents Cup on July 10-13, 2014 in Greenville, South Carolina.
     Bradley Barlog
John Bieniewicz memorial fund (http://johnbieniewiczmemorial.com/ 
has been established​ to provide support to the education of John's children.
                                   Referee Classes
​Referee Classes are available for new referees and current referees. Click "Class Registration" tab above to browse class availability and to register for a class, or click https://michiganrefs.gameofficials.net/login.cfm then click Sign Up For Course. You will see a list of Course Types in bold blue. ​Click the course type for a list of classes.

Remember: Referees in Southern Michigan need recertify before January 31, 2015​​. After this date you can recertify by attending an Entry or Bridge class or drive to Recert classes in Central and Northern Michigan.

Plea Agreement reached
​On February 20 the Detroit Free Press reported that Mr. Bassel Saad has agreed to a plea deal for the assault of Michigan Referee John Bieniewicz.
Mr. Saad has agreed to plea to involuntary manslaughter​.
Click here to see the announcement by the Michigan Referee Committee.