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It's purpose is to help US Soccer Referees with yearly registration, recertifications and training.
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1. Entry Grade 9 - Entry class to become a new referee with a grade 9; must be 11 years old
2. Bridge Grade 8 - to upgrade from grade 9 to 8; must be 14 years old
3. Recertification - yearly recertification for grades 9, 8, and 7​​
4. State Recertification - yearly recertification for grades 6 and 5 or to upgrade to grades 7, 6 or 5​​.
See Info > Type of Classes for more details
​Referees must take a Recertification class every year. Grade 9 Referees 14 and older may either take either a Recertification class or a Bridge Grade 8 class (recommended) to upgrade to grade 8. Go to Info > Timing of Classes to have an idea of when classes are offere
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Congratulations to Brandon Barlog, Justin Tatsak, and Victoria Spiegel who were selected to represent MI/Region II at the U.S. Youth National Championship. The finals will be held in Tulsa, OK, July 20-26, 2015.
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              Upcoming Referee Classes
​-Winter Classes have been completed. We are now preparing for Summer classes. Some Summer classes have been already posted, more will follow as we get closer to the Summer. In the Summer we will only offer Entry and Bridge classes.
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-​​Click "Class Registration" tab above to browse class availability and to register for a class, or click https://michiganrefs.gameofficials.net/login.cfm then click Sign Up For Course. You will see a list of Course Types in bold blue. ​Click the course type for a list of classes.

​-Current referees are certified through December 2016.

-Re-certification classes ​​for 2017 will begin to be posted in September/October 2016.